Home HIV Test

home-hiv-test  This is a home HIV test (5th Gen). It is a blood test which checks for the following:

  • HIV-1 antibodies
  • HIV-2 antibodies
  • HIV-1 p24 antigen

Why-do-this-test Why do this test? The home HIV test is a screening test to see if a person has HIV infection. It can show an infection any time from 2 weeks after the person is infected but a test at 4 weeks would be best. The home HIV test will pick up 100% of infections, but a small number of positive tests will be wrong ( 0.5% false positive rate). Positive HIV tests are confirmed using specialised testing.

NB: The home HIV test is not an instant test. The blood sample is collected at home and then sent to the laboratory for testing.

  The blood sample for the Home HIV Test is taken by pricking your finger with a small sharp lancet. These are the same sort of small needles that are used by diabetics when they are checking their blood sugar.

Please watch this video showing how this is done, before trying to collect the sample. Written instructions can be found here. Only a small amount of blood is needed but some samples may be rejected by the laboratory because there is not enough.

time-takenTime taken: The home HIV test takes 1 working day after the sample reaches the laboratory *

home-hiv-test-results Results for the home HIV test are sent by email.

* Indicative timings only. Actual result may be earlier or slightly later.

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