STI Treatment

doctor-treatment-sti-infection All our test results are seen by a qualified UK medical doctor before being sent to clients.

prescription-treatment-antibiotics-sti-infection Our doctors can prescribe treatment such as antibiotics for the most common types of sexually transmitted infections.

prescription-fee-antibiotics-sti-infection Our fee for a private prescription is £25 and is payable online. You will then need to pay the cost of the actual medication at the pharmacy. To give you some idea of the cost; one antibiotic course is in the region of £10.

prescription-treatment-antibiotics-sti-infection Private prescriptions are sent to our online pharmacy partner, E-Medicina. They will contact you to arrange delivery of your medication.

important-info  If you would like to take advantage of our STI treatment service, please complete the form below with all the relevant details. One of our doctors will be in touch to arrange the prescription.