About Us

STItest.London is a brand of AIS Health Ltd.


Our mission

Our mission is to make quality healthcare more convenient and empower people to look after their health.

Our vision

Our vision is to see informed people directing their own healthcare at a time, place and person of their own choice.

Our values


listen-drug-test.london    We listen

Years of experience and client feedback on Harley Street, the number one medical location in the UK, has led to the development of this unique service. There is no need to see a doctor or other clinician and this saves precious time and expense. Just do the test, and an experienced doctor will see the result before sending it to you by email with its meaning.

  fast-response-drug-test-london   Fast Response

We promise to reply to your requests and queries quickly. Get in contact now at info@stitest.london.

 confidentiality-drug-test-london  Confidentiality

This goes without saying. All clients' results are strictly confidential and will be sent to you only, unless asked by you to share the results with your own doctor, solicitor, company or other third party.

  cheap-drug-test   Save Time and Money

No need to take time off and wait in a doctor's waiting room just to ask for a test and then return after doing the test to get the result. Just order on-line and go straight to The Doctors Laboratory to do the test. There are no added costs.

  location-time-drug-test-london   Convenience

The Doctors Laboratory is conveniently located in Central London where it is easy to get to from Oxford Circus or Bond Street underground station. What's more, we are open from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday; and even open on Saturdays from 9am to 5pm. What could be more convenient.

    Home Testing

An increasing number of our tests can be done at home. We will send you a pack containing all the bits you need including a prepaid envelope to post it to the laboratory.

   understand-drug-test-london   Easy to Understand Results

All results are verified by an experienced doctor before being sent to you by e-mail and / or by post. They are accompanied by an easy-to-understand explanation.


ukas-accredited   Accurate and Reliable

Your results will be highly accurate and reliable. All our tests are processed by The Doctors Laboratory which is fully UKAS accredited.