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  • Type: Blood

Syphilis Blood Test

£73.00 GBP

Laboratory test

Results by e-mail

Treatment available if needed


Product description

This is a blood test for syphilis (IgM/IgG).

Why do this test? 

This blood test is done to screen a person for syphilis. It can test if a person has a syphilis infection now or if they have had it in the past.


Results take 1 working day * and will be e-mailed to you with a doctor's explanation. 

* Indicative timings only. Actual result may be earlier or slightly later.

Date of Birth Requirement

All laboratories need information regarding the client to uniquely identify their test sample.

Without these details, tests cannot be processed.

The minimum requirement is the full name, gender and date of birth.

You can enter these details securely at the top before you click 'Add to cart'.

How does it work?

1. Purchase test online with full name and date of birth.

2. Receive an email with either a request form and the address of our London Wimpole Street location, or a booking link to schedule your test at another location more convenient for you.

3. You will recieve a text message notification when your results are ready. They will be sent to you discreetly by email.

4. In the event of a positive test result, we provide STI treatment if needed.


How tests are done?

Blood tests are taken by a phlebotomist
Urine & Swabs: you will be shown to a cubicle to collect these yourself


Treatment for positive tests is available by payment of a £30 prescription fee.

A prescription token is then sent to you by email and SMS. You can take this to any pharmacy and have your medication dispensed. Typical pharmacy costs for one antibiotic is approximately £10-15 but can be more for certain antibiotics.

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Syphilis Blood Test

£73.00 GBP

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