Which STI Test?

Which STI Test?

You might be wondering which STI test is best to do.

Since there are often no symptoms and because there may be more than one STI present, it makes sense to do a screening test that would check for a number of STIs at one time.

Our screening tests are based on the national recommendations from the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH).

The Essential STI Screening Tests are the ones that should be done as a minimum.

For a more thorough and complete STI check-up, we recommend our Comprehensive STI Screening Tests.

You might, however, only want to check for one STI because you have found out that your partner has it. Single STI tests are also done after treatment. For example, you might have already done an STI screening test and found out that you have one STI, say chlamydia or gonorrhoea. After getting treated, it would be best to do another test for the same STI to make sure that the infection has actually gone.


Our STI Tests:

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Our STI Screening Tests:

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