Welcome to STI Test London

Welcome to STI Test London

At STI Test London we are dedicated to providing you with discreet and reliable STI testing solutions, whether you prefer same day walk-in laboratory testing at our Central London location or the convenience of a Home STI Test Kit. We understand the importance of knowing your sexual health status, and we are here to make the process as easy as possible.


Our Testing Services include:

London Walk-In STI Tests - For those near Central London, our walk-in laboratory offers same-day tesing without the need for prior appointments. Come in between 7am-7pm on weekdays and 7am-1pm on Saturdays after making a purchase on our website.

Home STI Test Kits - Do you need a convenient at-home option? Explore our home test kits, a hassle-free way to check your sexual health in the comfort of your own home.

Pre-marriage ScreeningWe appreciate that there are some countries in which people are required to undergo some tests prior to marriage; e.g. Iran, and some African countries. This is a package of tests specially put together to make this easy to do.