Blood STI Screen - Self-Collect & Post

home-sti-test The blood STI screen is a finger-prick blood test for the most serious STIs:

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C Antibodies
  • Hepatitis C Antigen (Early Detection)
  • Syphilis

why-testWhy do this test? You would definitely want to do the blood STI screen if you want to check yourself for the most serious STIs. It is also often requested by surgeons to be done prior to any surgical procedure.

finger-prick-test  The blood sample for the blood STI screen is taken by pricking your finger with a small sharp lancet. These are the same sort of small needles that are used by diabetics when they are checking their blood sugar.

Please watch this video showing how this is done, before trying to collect the sample. Only a small amount of blood for the blood STI screen is needed but some samples may be rejected by the laboratory because there is not enough.

postal-test  You can then post the blood sample for the blood STI screen in the postage-paid plastic envelope that we provide. Please allow time for this to reach the laboratory.

time-takenTime Taken: 1 working day * (not including postal delivery times)


sti-test-london  Results of your blood STI screen will be e-mailed to you with a doctor's explanation of what the result means.


infoPlease note that this is not an instant home test. We will send you a blood test collection kit (by finger prick) and you will then send the sample to the laboratory in the postage-paid envelope that comes with it. Please watch this video on how to get a blood sample using a finger prick test before you order your test kit: Finger-prick blood test

* Indicative timings only. Actual result may be earlier or slightly later.

lab-blood-test If you would like to do this test at the laboratory in London then please click Blood STI Screen.


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